Hillerød eSport: “There will be a lot of changes coming up”

2 months ago

The start of Telia Esports Series Denmark is getting close, which means that we are also getting closer to the end of our interview series with the four invited teams.

Over the past two weeks we talked to both Vipers and Atlando. Now the time has come for a talk with Hillerød eSport. We got a hold of Jannik “Vand” Kubel and former toplaner, now coach, Lokkeduen.

We talked about the coming split and what their expectations/approach will be. Both guys had a lot to say, so note that there will be an answer from both in most of the questions.

What does it mean for Hillerød eSport to participate in this new Nordic format?


It means the world. We have been fighting since day 1 to cement ourselves as a top organization in the danish League of Legends scene, and this is without a doubt a step in that direction.


It means a lot to an organization like Hillerød eSports, we work a lot on development of the danish scene, plus talent. So, this opportunity is great for both focus points we have in Hillerød. Also, this might be a part of a kickstart in the Nordic scene that is really needed.

What are the team's main ambitions for the first split?


Our ambitions will not change from the last split - develop danish talents, create a healthy and friendly environment, and of course win the damn thing!


Of course, our ambition is always to win!

Should we expect big changes on the player and management front for the split?


There will definitely be a lot of changes coming up. A lot of the players from the nordic roster, that we put together back in January, have all been given bigger offers elsewhere, which we are thrilled by. This of course poses a natural challenge in gathering new players and trying to piece them together one way or the other. It will be exciting to once again hold open tryouts and look for the hidden gems among the danish player base.


Since a lot of the squad from last season got offers elsewhere, we're currently doing a full tryout to find the strongest team possible for the upcoming season. There will also be some slight changes in the management in Lokkeduen staying in the organization together with Vand2. They will now form the new coaching staff in Hillerød which were excited for.

As an organization, you already have some international experience. What did you take away from the time in Nordic Championship earlier this year?


Gosh, that is a big question. I think what I have learned as a manager and coach is that we cannot let our ambitions become our downfall; Celebrate each victory, learn from every defeat. Being blinded by 'could have been and should have been' is damaging to the team environment and frankly toxic for the players.


Although we would have liked going to EU masters the last split it wasn’t possible. We’re still very proud of what we achieved. We managed to finish top 4 in one of the strongest regional leagues. The biggest thing we can take with us is the infrastructure we have been building up. Hillerød is a place where we try to improve every aspect possible, but the most important thing is to keep everyone in a place where they are enjoying themselves, since a team who is having fun while playing, will improve a lot more.

How do you see the strength between the four invited TESD teams?


I know a lot of the rosters will have a lot of changes so it will be near impossible to predict at this time. I am personally looking forward to matching up with Vipers and Atlando again. These are teams with dedicated staff and friendly faces we have been competing with for many splits now, and it is always a pleasure to meet them on the Rift or in the pub.


Of course I have to say Hillerød as number 1. I think we have a close rivalry with Vipers though, so they are a close second. Third I must give to the wolfpack, Atlando. With Fortress coming in a close fourth. This may be varying to change when the teams are going official with their rosters, but from what we have seen in the last splits, this would have to be my predictions.

Which teams do you think will make it through the TESD qualifiers?


I will be very surprised if Havoc does not qualify. Also I hope for Fløng to get their well-deserved spot. I hold Fløng in high regard, because I see a lot of our own values in them, their vigilance, and of course for their owner Vildgaard.


I hope the old Trainee/Havoc team can put up a fight, maybe all of them won't stay together, but they should try to go for it with as many of their players as possible. Also, worth mentioning would be Absolved, Infernal Void, and Flayn. One can also hope an organization like Fløng could form a strong team for the qualifier and go all the way.

From a former toplaners point of view, who do you think will be the hardest to compete with, in the toplane?


If I had to point out toplaners who I see as strong players in the Danish scene right now, it would be lunddorf, Nijhuis, thromli. Of course, there might be some upcoming talents and imports who could do just fine as well.

You are transitioning from a toplaner to a coach for this split. How come?


I don’t have the drive to be a player right now, therefore I have chosen to do coaching instead. I have always had some strong opinions on the team. It will however, be easier for me to point out mistakes within the players and team, now that I am not in a playing position. Overall I am really excited to start coaching since it has always been a thing I wanted to do.


Achievements: Hillerød eSport

1st place: LCD 2020 Spring

1st place: Danish Esports League Season 4

3-4th place: Nordic Championship 2020


As we speak, the TESD Closed Qualifier are coming to an end. Tonight we will know which four teams will join Hillerød, Atlando, Vipers, and Fortress in the league, starting June 8th. All teams for TESD will be presented tomorrow right here on our website. 

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