Autumn Split - New business partner

1 year ago

Week 2 of LCD and CSD is now complete and before we go into depth with the games played, table standings and our highlights, we will properly present our new partner.

During this season we have established cooperation with It is a collaboration we are really excited about, because we think the synergy among our target group and the product that offers are in top.

For those who do not yet know, we can tell that they are a Danish take-away company that has an online portal for easy ordering of whatever food you want. Exactly because everything happens online, it's a product that is particularly suitable for our segment, which is said to be fairly firm within the online section.

Marketing Specialist at, Søren Sprogø says the following about the collaboration:

  • Leagues represent a large part of the Danish League of Legends enthusiasts. They represent elite players, upcoming talents and spectators, making them an interesting partner for us. 
    The cooperation ensures that we receive continuous exposure to our brand, but we are especially pleased to be able to support a competitive league that can be a foundation for a healthy eco-friendly environment in this country. Several times it has been mentioned that Denmark must be the front runner on the esport front, so it's nice to support several genres of the sport.

We at Leagues are looking forward to the cooperation and will do everything we can to make it a long cooperation.

Once again, a GREAT welcome to !!