Leagues.gg's Summer split 2019 is underway!

1 year ago

The new summer split in all of the leagues hosted by Leagues.gg has just started. The best league in Denmark - League Championship Denmark (LCD) started last Sunday, and as always when a new split starts, there are news on various fronts.

The new season has brought new faces, which of course also means new casters. And in that matter a former LCD caster and now Copenhagen Flames Coach have expressed his criticism of new caster's on Twitter by posting: “@Leagues_GG: We have learned from our mistakes and completed the collaboration with the 16-year-old caster. Also @Leagues_GG: welcome to our new 15 year old caster! "
At Leagues.gg we would like to point out that we think talent has no age! And that we will give everybody a chance to tryout a casting with us, especially if you are willing to learn and want to be part of the Danish scene!

Moving on, we would like to welcome new as well as old faces across the leagues, including Leagues.gg's fresh new league, Diamond Series Denmark (DSD). This league will serve as a qualification for the already established league Challenger Series Denmark (CSD).
This is our first step in expanding to more leagues, and we hope it will be welcomed by teams an fans.

In addition to the new league and the many new faces, we also present a new sponsor!
Philips hue is leagues.gg's new sponsor and have provided awesome light setups into the prizepool, so together with eOddset and Hungry.dk, the prizepool is 30,000 DKK and HUE gamer setup with a worth over 20,000 DKK.
See more about the cool light here: https://youtube/EmvnzhDOric

After the first round in LCD the teable dead even, as Copenhagen Flames, Atlando, Bucks Vipers and Wicked gaming all managed to win 2-0 and therefor all have 3 points.
In the other end FKE Vikings, Trainee esport, Hillerød esport and Hydra's esport have 0 points each.

Positions in the all our leagues can be seen here:

LCD: Here
CSD: Here
DSD: Here

The matches of the coming week's round will start today at 16.00 !! You can follow our Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/leaguedenmark where Hillerød esport meets Hydra's esport.

At 19.00 there is a LCD classic Bucks Vipers Takes on Wicked Gaming!